Thursday, November 6, 2008

Scrappy Joe Biden wrong about testing Obama

Joe Biden's biggest campaign goof (and that's saying something) was his telling a donor crowd that there would be a "generated international criris" to test Obama within six months of taking office. Not so, it turns out. The Russians are not giving him six months. They're testing him already, as Medvedev throws down a gauntlet in East Europe.

While it's certainly arguable whether the U.S. should push back hard against the Russians over Georgia, the U.S. and NATO must be firm in making it clear to Moscow that what Poland, The Czech Republic or any of the other liberated nations of East Europe choose to do about their defense is any longer Russia's business. Mark my words, as Biden might say, act irresolute in the face of this blunt challenge and Russia will take it as a cue to reassert control where it pleases.

We didn't spend 50 years and a gazillion dollars to face down the Soviets in Europe just to have the Russians come back without the red flags. Obama and team should speak up about this, even before they have formal power.

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