Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Obama policy continuity: The "War on Terror" goes on

New "War on Terror" team: CIA Director Leon Panetta and
Director of National Intelligence Dennis Blair with President Obama

The Obama team may retire the belligerent phrase, "War on Terror" from its approved lexicon, but the war, er, whatever will continue, with Obama hanging tightly onto a good part of the Bush era counter-terrorism tools and weapons that anti-Bushies have so long denounced as illegal, immoral and downright un-American.

This was, of course, inevitable. Obama is changing the "tone" in foreign and national security affairs and making some modifications in anti-terror policies that may turn out to be minor or even largely cosmetic. No President will willingly give up the means on which he may need to rely to protect the nation and its people from attack. Today, The New York Times does a wrap-up that makes clear that whether the issue is detention, rendition, interrogation, communications interception or necessary secrecy surrounding intelligence sources and methods, there is going to be a lot more continuity than change. As the Times puts it, Obama's war on terror may resemble Bush's.

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