Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Bristol Palin's new teenage pregnancy campaign: Really, shouldn't this kid just stay home?

I'm 100% uncomfortable whenever anyone drags a candidate's kids into an election campaign -- even in the case of Bristol Palin, whose pregnancy as an unmarried teen last year inexorably thrust her (and her erstwhile boyfriend, Levi Johnston) into the spotlight.

Now, however, Bristol has seen fit to launch a campaign as a "Teen Ambassador" for the Candie's Foundation to "raise awareness" of teen pregnancy. She launched the effort with a round of high-profile network TV interviews in which she delivered a mixed message about abstinence being the only way to be 100% sure to avoid pregnancy (duh!) but tepidly endorsed contraception along the way.

This is all, like, I mean, Bristol telling her story, man. With the baby in tow and her Dad, Todd, on hand to praise her as a "strong and bold woman" and "an amazing mom."

I always thought that the bashing Sarah Palin took in some quarters for Bristol's obvious disinclination to adopt her Mom's proclaimed values was overdone and unfair. Stuff happens. But Bristol's new role is happening only because someone -- and Sarah Palin is number one among the suspects -- wants a lot of media about Bristol Palin as Witness Against Teen Pregnancy. This is most likely viewed as a political strategy to turn an ongoing liability the Alaska Governor is carrying around into an asset, as Bristol evokes a sympathetic hearing (and who in the Big Media is going to give the girl, as opposed to her Mom, a rough time?).

That's the problem: this is further politicizing Bristol's unplanned motherhood, and dragging the kid and her baby into the fray. The ex-boyfriend, Levi, instantly caught onto this and tried to extend his moment of fame by going on CBS to call Bristol's abstinence campaign "unrealistic" (he should know).

There is one media campaign by Bristol I would wholeheartedly support: she should go on every network to denounce Levi as the low-down, no account, disloyal, lying slime ball that he is -- and warn other teen girls to stay a mile clear of guys like Levi.

Otherwise, Bristol Palin should just stay home.

What do you think? Post a comment.


  1. I agree. She should stay home and take care of her baby. Having a baby is a big responsibility, and she shouldn't shirk it as her mother seems to be doing.

  2. Why are you so down on Levi? He was used more than anyone.

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