Sunday, September 6, 2009

Radical leftist "Truther" Van Jones resigns top White House job in dead of night on Labor Day weekend

Well, at least the White House knows how to bury an awful story for the President. Van Jones, the screwball left-wing radical inexplicably hired into a high-level, policy-making post in the White House has resigned, according to this AP story filed at 12:34 am, Sunday, September 6th.

The revelations about Jones' very recent and never repudiated leftist radicalism, as I blogged about here, were getting worse. The latest was the most repulsive. Jones was a key participatant in what truly can only be called an anti-American rally held on September 13, 2001 in Jones hometown, Oakland, California, where it seems every radical kook in the Bay Area took turns in the immediate aftermath of 9/11 denouncing the "growing climate of racism, nationalism and anti-Arab bigotry" in the U.S. This was no pacifist get together, but as the sponsoring organization put it, made up of "supporters of Palestine...police brutality activists, anarchists and socialists," among others, who "stood together against the threat of more US violence[!]."

Jones clearly played a major role in this over-the-top America-bashing exercise. Here's what the sponsors said about Jones' role:

"The bombs the government drops in Iraq [presumably referring to the First Gulf War] are the bombs that blew up in New York City," said Van Jones, director of the Ella Baker Center for Human Rights, who also warned against forthcoming violence by the Bush Administration [emphasis added]. "The US cannot bomb its way out of this one."

This is raw stuff -- what you'd expect from a "radical Marxist-Leninist," as Jones once described himself, but not from a high official of a Democratic Administration.

Jones is gone, and good riddance. What remains, though, is the question of how and whyt such an extremist could snare himself a big-time slot in the White House. The President owes it to his country, his party and himself to find out who was responsible for overlooking Jones' manifest unsuitability and chastise him, her or them.

And let me say this again: liberals must step up and demand answers, too, rather than pretend that Jones is the victim of "racism" or a "witch hunt." Democrats won't keep the trust of the American people and the power that goes with it if they ignore extremism of the left.

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  1. Obama knew about Jones' stance on all of these issues. How could he not have? The guy was considered a "rising star" in the Dem party and his statements have been very public.

    Obama has to appoint such people as "czars" to avoid a public vetting and having to obtain House/Sen approval. The guy couldn't pass a security clearance check.

    Obama appointed him because this is the type of man Obama agrees with. Obama travels the world making apologies for our nation, accepting blame for the hatred heaped upon us by radicals and extremists. He is married to a woman who didn't realize there was anything impolitic with saying that she had never been proud of her country until her husband won a political nomination. The anti-Americanism in Jeremiah Wright's every statement . . . These are the people Obama is close to.

    Democrats largely decry the resignation, not the appointment, because they also largely agree with Jones' statements and attitude.

    It is appalling to those of us who are regular Americans, but we just seem to fail to have the same perspective the liberal intelligensia has from its perch on those ivory towers.

  2. It is not only Jones who is/was a radical in the Whitehouse. The WH is stacked with them. The left condones and supports them, that is why they (and the so called MSM) will not cover the stories. When someone does cover these stories, they are labelled as kooks (Glenn Beck, Rush, Levin, etc.). We are in the throes of revolution from within the administration. BO wrote in his own book that he was attracted to Marxists and radicals. That was known prior to the election in 08, it was either ignored or considered inconsequential, or welcomed by the useful idiots who elected him. Now we will all pay the consequences.