Saturday, July 25, 2009

French Army artillery practice sets fire to Marseilles suburb


One of France's worst fires for three years raged on the eastern outskirts of Marseille late on Wednesday burning dozens of homes but claiming no victims, rescue services said.

The wildfire caused by military practice shelling hit the eastern Trois-Ponts suburb of the southern city forcing the evacuation of scores of residents.


Regional prefect Michel Sappin confirmed that the blaze had been started by the shelling, lashing out at the "imbecilic" action that had led to "an annoying and serious" situation in a zone close to a city and saying he was "exasperated".

More pics here.

Hmmm. Maybe we should shelve that idea about leaning on France to send more troops to Afganistan.

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(Hat tip: Legal Insurrection)

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