Monday, July 27, 2009

Wise words from comic Craig Ferguson: Why everything sucks.

Watch the whole thing. It's interesting to me that a late-night comic can summarize in a comedy bit what legions of academics and self-appointed social critics take millions of words to explain and never quite get.


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  1. Feguson is right, but he really doesn't take it far enough.

    What he describes is hardly a secret and our society has not only accepted it but alos fully incorporated it into our being.

    Just the other day I was watching a show on the Apollo program. Gene Kranz (Flight Director) was commenting on the day we landed on the moon. He described how he was called the old man because, at thirty six years of age, he was older than most of the mission engineers who were running the show, and who had an average age of twenty six.

    That's a graphic measure how far we've fallen in the last fifty years. Back in the 40's, 50's, and even into the 60's we entrusted our largest, most complex, and most dangerous endeavors to twenty year old adults knowning that they would rise to the occasion. Which they did and did stupendously well.

    Now we infantilize thirty somethings and they not only accept it, they revel in it, calling it 'freedom.'