Sunday, January 11, 2009

Durbin on Burris: “This thing just keeps gnawing at us”

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois practices the evil eye

I'll say.

Appearing on the tube Sunday, Senate Majority Whip and Illinois Senior Senator Dick Durbin allowed as how the Senate may not refer Roland Burris's fate to the Rules Committee after all, but merely check to see if his papers are in order, as supposedly is routine for all new Senators ("Your papers please!").

After last week's events removed the only fig leaf of a argument against the legality of Burris's appointment, taking no chances, Burris announced that he would go to Washington again this week to claim his seat. Durbin and Harry Reid sure don't want any more wall-to-wall media coverage of Burris knocking on the door, so it's beginning to look as if this is that last chapter in the Saga of Roland.

Still, you never know. As Durbin told his TV audience, “This isn’t easy stuff,” Durbin said. “This thing just keeps gnawing at us.”

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