Wednesday, January 7, 2009

More bad news for Dame Caroline

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Things have been going from bad to worse lately for the Lady of Camelot in her quest for anointment as a United States Senator.

Seems that New York's common folk would be far more likely to elect state Attorney General Andrew Cuomo than the Holder of the Kennedy Name in a 2010 contest against Rep. Peter King, a decidedly plebeian Long Island Republican.

In a survey of New York voters by Public Policy Polling, Cuomo overwhelms King 48-29, but Dame Caroline only squeaks by King 46-44, well within the poll's margin of error. (Another poll by PPP released Monday showed Kennedy's popularity, compared with Cuomo's, in a steep decline over the past month.)

One supposed advantage of Dame Caroline's anointment has been the expectation that she would stand a better chance than Cuomo or other prospects of keeping the Senate seat firmly in the Democratic column for a full term. Turns out that she may be the only one who could manage to lose to Pete King!

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