Saturday, January 31, 2009

Oh no, Tom Daschle is a tax cheat, too!

Daschle heads from his appointment to catch up on unpaid taxes

OK, I give up. Former Senate Democratic Leader and top Obama political guru Tom Daschle is still slated to become Secretary of Health and Human Services and White House "health czar," despite the discovery that he evaded paying $128,000 in income taxes on unreported income of $255,000.

Like his soon-to-be Cabinet colleague, Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner, Daschle is apparently regarded as indispensable to the work of the nation's government. An Administration source immediately dubbed the tax cheating a "stupid mistake," and Majority Leader Harry Reid gave him a renewed vote of confidence.

Daschle failed to declare as income the free use of a Cadillac and driver for several years, the sort of in-kind perk that everyone who has served in government knows full well must be reported to the IRS. Possibly even worse, he failed to declare $83,333 of consulting income for 2007 and overstated his deductions for charitable contributions by nearly $15,000. This cheating Uncle Sam comes from a man who made millions of dollars during the period in question.

Daschle is supposed to get points for bringing his tax delinquency up himself during the transition, but in all honesty, all that proves is that he knew he had cheated.

Daschle was an outstanding Senator and is by all accounts handily qualified for his new job. But his and Geithner's obviously willful efforts to evade taxes really ought to disqualify them from holding high appointive office. No one is indispensable. It's a matter of basic personal ethics.

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UPDATE - 2/1/09 - Daschle knew he had a tax problem last June, but didn't tell the Obama transition team until after his nomination was announced. Why the long wait? Supposedly, he thought his accountant was handling it. Why do I think I would have checked with my accountant? No...wait...I would have paid the taxes in the first place!


  1. I think we've just found a way to pay for the stimulus plan. Just put Obama's transition team in charge of the IRS. They are apparently better auditors than the IRS.

  2. John, all these guys are politicians...they have no personal ethics. That's what makes them politicians. They are all lying, cheating, money grubbing power whores!

  3. No wonder the Democrats like tax increases...they don't pay all of them...this one is ludicrous and indefensible...he appearantly paid an additional $14,000 to offest three years of inflated charity turns out I am a complete wimp...absolute to the car, it was totally one in his position did not know about the IRS changes on the car perk...what is of course shocking is that Daschle is a Democrat and therefore a Virtuous and Honest person who loves working people, the poor, etc......amazing, absolutely amazing...

  4. No matter what your political persuasion, there must come a tipping point. That point when we the people march on Washington to take back our country from organized crime, A.K.A politicians!