Saturday, June 20, 2009

Day 8 in Iran: The police state cracks down.

Video of new protests. Gunfire can be heard at the outset. (h/t -- Andrew Sullivan)

Warning, graphic video -- For shame. A young girl is shot and dies in the street, a victim of Supreme Dictator Khamenei. (h/t -- Andrew Sullivan)

Another video uploaded to YouTube by BBC Persian shows a crowd of angry demonstrators confronting pro-regime Basij militia who begin firing on the people at about 2:45. The people take cover but do not run away. Watch it
here (it's withheld from embedding). (h/t -- Powerline)

The day after "Supreme Leader" Ali Khamenei delivered a harsh warning against further protests, the Iranian police state moved into action to crush the opposition. Detailed information is spotty because most foreign journalists have been kicked out and others have been ordered not to cover further protests. We do know that security forces used violence to disburse thousands of demonstrators in Tehran as they tried to form up for planned afternoon marches in the capital.

Andrew Sullivan is reposting continuous reports from inside Iran sent via Twitter. According to these unconfirmed reports, riots have broken out and are being put down in at least four other Iranian cities besides Tehran. Opposition leader Ali Hossain Mousavi has said he is preparing himself for "martyrdom." Some 30-40 people have been killed in Tehran, hundreds injured and hundreds more arrested. Some embassies (e.g., Australia's) have opened their doors to injured protesters.

Police, Iranian Revolutionary Guards and Basij militias can clear the streets today. But what will the people do tomorrow? That remains to be seen.

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