Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Memo to Governor Mark Sanford: Resign and go away -- fast -- please!

Another one!

This time it's South Carolina's Republican Governor Mark Sanford who has fessed up to cheating on his wife -- in Argentina, no less. After Edwards, Spitzer, Ensign, Vitter, et al., we all start to lose track. It will be easier from now on to keep a list of politicians in high office who DON'T TRASH their marital vows.

At a press conference today -- one that dragged on and on as if Sanford did not want to relinquish the stage -- Sanford said he's sorry for letting his wife and four kids down, sorry for letting the people of South Carolina down, blah, blah, blah. The usual stuff. He said he's sorry for hurting the girl friend (whose name reportedly is Maria, natch). He shed some tears. He seemed to claim that he went to Argentina to break off the affair and spent the last five days "crying in Argentina." He did the usual I-was-wrong-and-take-full-responsibility thing, and mumbled about working through "a process."

The one thing he should have done but did NOT do was to resign as Governor. He should resign, now, today, without further adieu -- or the good people of South Carolina should raise hell and force him to resign. Then he should leave the stage quickly and go away! That would be the manly, responsible thing to do, rather than put his state and the nation, not to mention his wife and kids, through another high-profile, endless, sappy drama about sex in the executive mansion, as he fumbles around trying to find a way to survive politically and even make a comeback.

Watch the presser above, and see if you don't agree with me that Sanford is both full of s#@*t and a nitwit. Let's face it: the only thing the guy is sorry about is that he got caught. A few days ago, he was shacked up with his mistress in South America, and today he's all tears and apologies.

One nice thing about this otherwise dreary and monotonous scandal is that Sanford's wife of 20 years, Jenny Sanford, did not stand by her man and turn herself into a prop for him to lean on, as did Mrs. Spitzer and so many others. Jenny found out about the affair some months ago and apparently tried to make a go of reconciling. Exactly what happened with that, we don't know, but Jenny stopped talking to Mark two weeks ago, which leads one to think the Governor wasn't doing the right thing even then.

Come on, Governor. Do the right thing once. Resign.

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  1. This makes me so sick. He sounded more worried about the Argentinian senora than he did about his wife and kids. Thank God his wife was woman enough not to stand behind her creep. He can't get out of the public scene too quickly.