Friday, June 5, 2009

On 65th anniversary of Allied Normandy invasion, D-Day in pictures

General Eisenhower gives a pep talk to U.S. airborne troops

The skies filled with thousands of aircraft

A huge armada of Allied ships transported the invasion force and bombarded German defenses

160,000 American. British and Canadian troops stormed ashore

At Omaha Beach, they met fierce resistence

Even crossing the surf and gaining the beach was deadly

There was no cover from enfilading German fire

Utah Beach was no picnic either

This soldier's war ended right there on the beach on June 4th

Many never made it home. Some 2,500 were killed on that first day of invasion.

With a beachhead established, a huge Allied force followed and Nazi Germany's days were numbered.

Any thoughts about this on the 65th anniversary of the Normandy invasion? Share them. Post a comment.


  1. Their bravery was incredible. How sad so many had to die in service to others. When it comes to answering the call of duty, we are an amazing country.

  2. I knew men who were there. They were the fathers of friends, teachers, ministers, people in my community. Not only were they brave, but they were modest; took a lot of asking to get them to talk about their experiences.

  3. I truly think that these people still are the great of the great. It baffles me to this day that survivors exist after fresh German troops were put on Normandy the day of June 6, 1944. It is a dream of mine to have American D-Day veterans who will sit down with me, hear their stories, get their autographs, and bridge the gap of their generation to my generation. This would be the most awesome dream in the world!!! You have to tip your hat to these guys. They had guts and still do to go into that situation. If any reader knows how I could get in touch with a D-day veteran and make my dream a reality would you please e-mail me.

  4. Dwight dvid eisenhower is my idol ... i'm very impress with his plans and strategies and i always reading about this historical d day ... if i will given a wish , i wish i was there during that event ...

  5. The History behind this tragic day. So many young soldiers lost their lives, only to die for what is going on in this country today.

    I've seen loved ones take their last breath, but to see your buddy, killed right next to you, has got to be the worst feeling in the world. I don't know how I would react to such an event.

    Can't we let this Veteran's Day stand for a reconciliation of our values as a nation, in tribute to all thos Soldier's, Sailor's and Air Men, lost during WWII.

    Let us solve our Nations problems in the spirit of mutual respect for this Nation and all the outstanding men and women who are serving today in defense of this great country.



  6. Just back from Normandy humbled by the sacrifice made by so many
    Soldiers young and old died to save us from a tyrant
    I said a prayer for all the brave men and their families who gave their life
    A thought goes to the German soldiers and their families
    Life today would not be the same
    How sleep the brave
    "Even though I walk
    through of the shadow of death
    I will fear no evil,
    for you are with me;
    your rod and your staff,"
    they comfort me.