Monday, June 1, 2009

Latvia's answer to a tanking economy: Hold a blonde parade!

(Welcome The Other McCain readers)

Latvia's economy is expected to shrink by a whopping 18% this year. So are the people of the tiny Baltic nation's capital, Riga, wallowing in self-pity or hurling recriminations at each other?

No, they're staging a blonde parade!

The Blonde Parade, with the motto "Make the world a brighter place," was held in Riga, the capital of Latvia, on May 31, 2009, the Russian news agency RIA Novosti reports.

The Latvian Blonde Association has organized "Go blonde" events for the weekend, including a parade of blonde beauties and their fans, a blonde golf tournament, fashion shows, sporting festivities and a blonde ball, the Baltic Times reported.

The organizers say they hope to dispel some of the Baltic state's economic gloom with a parade, followed by a ball and contests to find the best "blonde lawyer," "blonde journalist" and others.

Beautiful blondes are said to brighten the dullest occasion — and now they are rallying to fight off economic gloom.

"The economic situation is such that society needs these types of events," Marika Gidere, head of the Latvian Blonde Association, told the French news agency AFP.

A lot more pics here and here.

We could use a little of the same spirit in the good old U.S.A., but somehow, I don't think a blonde parade would make it past the thought police.

Thoughts (if you dare)? Post a comment.


  1. What fun! It sure beats the stress of gloom and doom. Poor, old, serious, sad United States...I'm quite sure the ACLU or the talking heads at our Politically Correct University wouldn't allow us the same fun.

  2. Where are you? In a 55 gallong drum.
    The US of A does not need your stupid sympathy.
    Notice the blonde w/chihuahua, Legally Blond
    movie copycat.
    Good for Latvia, great country in trouble just like America.
    We shall overcome despite papa Obama and his spending spree. Only hope Chinadoes not wind up owning us.

  3. I just found more pictures from this great event full of Blondes!

  4. Thanks for posting, I am partial to blondes, too!!!

    I am traveling to Italy this winter, maybe I should book a stop in Riga, because it seems like Heaven!!!

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