Monday, March 23, 2009

Interesting stuff on the Web - 3/23/09

As debate about card check heats up, the pro-labor Right Democrat spotlights a study showing unionized companies are no more likely to go out of business than non-union companies. That's what I thought, too, although it begs the question of business success and growth.

Meanwhile, Starbucks, Whole Foods and Costco have teamed up to propose a "third way" on card check, presumably for nice, progressive employees to embrace. So where are Ben & Jerry?

Outside the Beltway blogger Alex Knapp zaps the "Tea Party" movement for not holding tea parties earlier to protest other stuff going on like, say, the war. Point taken, but shouldn't Knapp have organized his own tea parties or whatever? Rightie bloggers fire back.

Think Progress reports on one Tea Party where folks carried signs reading, "Obama bin-Lyin'-Impeach Now!" Someone should tell them why this is really rotten business.

Re: Obama -- There's doom on the right and gloom on the left. So does this mean that Obama is on a sensible middle track or so far off the track that he's getting everybody upset?

A Drudge-Politico conspiracy to gang up on Obama in order to get hits? That's basically John Cook's take at Gawker. I think all pols, including Obama, are just going to have to deal with minute-by-minute reporting of minutiae, since that's what the net and cable do.

AmbivaBlog notes how creatively advertisers have taken to deploying "stimulus" and "bailout."

It's been a whole four months since November and most of us have forgotten about the Electoral College, but Below the Beltway reminds us why a reform/change might be a good idea.

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