Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Rush Limbaugh: Big Obama critic livin' large and lovin' it!

The Limbaugh $44-million homestead in Palm Beach, courtesy of Gawker. Yes, it's all those buildings! (Click on image to enlarge)

Michael Steele, the already hapless Chairman of the Republican National Committee, had it right (before he ingloriously apologized) when he said Rush Limbaugh is an entertainer who says some nasty things from time to time. Rush's job is not to help defeat Democrats or to elect Republicans but to to fill air time with talk that makes his 20 million or so fans laugh, slap their thighs, stomp, and high-five each other. The more controversial, even outrageous he gets, the better. The audience grows, and the money rolls in...and rolls in...and rolls in.

So the big guy (he is getting bigger in more ways than one) is as happy as a hippo in a warm mud hole that the President of the United States has picked him to use as a daily foil. He's saying to himself, "How can I be this lucky? In four years of Obama, I can double my audience and add even more to the Palm Beach spread. I'm livin' large and lovin' every minute of it."

What your opinion of the Obama-Rush clash? Post a comment.


  1. Rush has definitely got himself a John Edwards-sized home there!

  2. Obama vs Rush.

    Which one increased a voter base?

    Which one decreased a voter base?

    That's my opinion.