Friday, March 20, 2009

A new look for the blog

After several months of posting here, I decided to try a different template. Google's Blogger offers quite a few options but they are far from unlimited. This one is fairly popular in the blogosphere, no doubt because it offers a clean stately look and is easy to read, particularly when a white background is chosen.

If anyone who recalls what the old blog looked like and has an opinion about the change, I'd like to hear about it in a comment. Thanks.


  1. This is the template I use as well. Google leaves you with few options if your blog isn't about The Hills or Twilight.

    It's a clean look, gets the point across. Maybe red font and lines aren't the best choice though. I like the purple for the post titles. Perhaps more of that?

  2. This is fine, but I also like the purple post titles.