Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Video: "Morning Joe" Scarborough slams Jon Stewart as Jim Cramer responds

Hat tip: Talking Points Memo

TPM pitched this as Cramer's answer Jon Stewart's mocking of Cramer, Rick Santelli and CNBC last week. Actually, Cramer is pretty soft, basically calling Stewart a comedian, which he is, of course. But Joe Scarborough goes out of his way to try to rip into Stewart without any jokes. I suspect we'll see at least another round from Stewart!

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  1. Conservatives seemed to have a bee in their bonnet over this:

    Dobbs apparently told Cramer not to go on Stewart and is taking a poll whether he was right, NBC is mandating nobody on MSNBC mention it (is Maddow gonna sit still for that?) and here's the white men of morning claiming Stewart is an ideologue, editing and clipping 'mistakes' for laughs:

    Point is, Stewart EXPOSED Cramer admitting to manipulating the market for hedge-fund profit, as an example of insider fraud that caused the collapse for which we all pay.

    How is that 'cherry picking' 'mistakes'?? It's FRAUD! Cramer knows this, and admits it, claims it's legal, but also admits indictments are inevitable.

    Let us not forget that GE owns NBC. Their own stock is somewhere sinking in the PCB laden muck they spewed into the Hudson (and refuse to clean up), and not coming back any time soon.

    When the same slime who cause the problems, also control the media who's supposed to report those problems, and then it's reported that they actually issue executive orders to their reporters to clam up about it??

    Sound's like the SEC isn't the only oversight that needs to be reformed. How's about some restrictions on who gets to own media, how many they get to own (Murdoch?), and what effect their personal ideology and corporate allegiances should have over the facts disseminated as 'news'.