Friday, January 8, 2010

Jay Leno will return to late night because Conan O'Brian (still) really sucks -- big time!

Back in June, right after "The Tonight Show" with Conan O'Brian debuted, I posted here that I tried my best to watch Conan but found him and his show to be embarrassingly not funny:

So I watched a portion of Conan O'Brien's first two shows. Both times, I had to turn it off before the first half hour was over. I never had the slightest inclination to giggle and the whole thing was not so much boring as senseless. That's it for me.

With stories that Conan badly laggied in ratings and that NBC affiliates were complaining that Jay Leno's 10 pm show provided a weak lead-in to their late news shows, I decided to try out Conan again and see if anything had improved.

No, nothing improved. Conan still sucks -- big time!

OK, so maybe it's an age or generational thing, you say. Conan appeals more to the younger viewers -- the supposedly desirable demographic for advertisers, right?

Wrong. Young people think he sucks, too:

Mr. O’Brien, meanwhile, has had his ratings suffer on “The Tonight Show.” He has trailed the “Late Night With David Letterman” on CBS by about two million viewers a night; Mr. Leno had easily been the winner in that time period previously. Mr. O’Brien has been more successful against Mr. Letterman among the younger audiences that NBC most wants to reach (because they are preferred by many advertisers). But he has fallen below Mr. Leno’s ratings in the 11:30 time slot in every audience age group, even the youngest ones.
Leno has been having his rating troubles, too, but his audience of five million isn't such a bad deal for the network since the low cost of his show vs. prime time dramas jacks up NBC's profit margin. Still, affiliates want a stronger show before 11 pm, and NBC wants a winner at 11:30 pm.

So Jay will be back in the late slot again soon, and Conan will either swallow hard and return to a post-midnight hour, or NBC will buy out his contract and go elsewhere.

I'm happy. What about you? Post a comment.


  1. Erm, Conan rules. And is even funnier with Andy Richter on board as they have great chemistry and Andy adds a lot on his own.

    Also unlike other late night talkers Conan is genuinely funny unscripted.

  2. The only thing Conan is gonna rule is 12;30 am -- and Richter is a giggly twit.

  3. I'm happy that Leno will be back. I never thought that Conan deserved to be the host of The Tonight Show. I agree that Conan sucks and that Richter is a twit. The two of them remind me of ten year-olds laughing at each other's farts. So immature and so pathetic.

  4. Thank god Gonad O'Brien left NBC without a fight to keep his pathetic show. After having seen Oprah interview Jay Leno last week, I really don't feel sorry for O'Brien at all . . . it was Jay Leno who got screwed. I watched Jay Leno's new show on prime time and enjoyed it. It wasn't all that different from The Tonight Show he hosted for 17 years. I tried, without success to watch Gonad's new show, but it was terrible. He just did not know anything about The Tonight Show format or how to interview guests. And that stupid dance he did at the beginning of every show was just plain dumb. Now, Jay Leno will have to rebuild his audience when he picks up the Tonight Show again in March. It shouldn't be too difficult, as I think that Leno is a veteran comedian who knows how to do The Tonight Show right. I know I'll be watching.

  5. I only started watching The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in mid-2006, but I loved it almost instantly.

    Conan fans need to realize that back in the 1990s, Johnny Carson would never have picked Conan O'Brien as his successor.

    ... and I bet half (or more) of these so-called "Conan Fans" don't even know who Conan is at all.

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  7. conan is so corney that he makes dry humor itchy..sarah silverman would do a better job of making tonights show more comical even jay and david are type corney...again its that dry ciggar room humor that sucks and in my opinion(opinions are like ass holes every body has one)the tonight show needs some fresh humor(not dry humor) breahed into it..johnny carson is dead but they try desperately to keep his type of dry humor alive with the terrible trio,turning it into a travesty of comedy...