Monday, January 18, 2010 poll: Brown surges to a nine-point lead, "bottom is falling out" for Coakley

Scott Brown, the "Massachusetts Miracle" maker

The issue now is not whether Brown wins but by how much. From

A new InsiderAdvantage poll conducted exclusively for POLITICO shows Republican Scott Brown surging to a nine-point advantage over Martha Coakley a day before Massachusetts voters trek to the ballot box to choose a new senator.

According to the survey conducted Sunday evening, Brown leads the Democratic attorney general 52 percent to 43 percent.

"I actually think the bottom is falling out," said InsiderAdvantage CEO Matt Towery, referring to Coakley's fall in the polls over the last ten days. "I think that this candidate is in freefall. Clearly this race is imploding for her."

Brown is crushing Coakley by 41 points among self-described independents in this poll.

Up there in the Bay State, don't forget to vote for Scott Brown tomorrow!

RELATED -- Suffolk University polling shows Brown with an astounding double-digit lead in three "bellweather" communities, chosen because they reliably reflect statewide trends. All three! looks at all the surveys and concludes that Brown is ahead by between 4 and 11 points.

Stuart Rothenberg moves his analysis of the race from a "Toss-up" to a "Lean Takeover" for Brown.

Any guesses about the Brown margin of victory? Post it in the comments.

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