Saturday, January 16, 2010

MSNBC's Ed Schultz is a big fat idiot, says "I'd cheat" to beat Scott Brown in Mass.

Referring to the imminent huge upset victory by Scott Brown in Massachusetts, Ed Schultz, self-appointed "progressive" and MSNBC talk show host, said on his radio program, “I’d cheat to keep the bastards out." He said he'd vote 10 times to keep Brown from winning. Listen to the whole thing.

Like some other talk show guys with big mouths, Schultz is a big fat idiot. It's clowns like him that are going to destroy the Democratic Party. Democrat Martha Coakley is a clueless, nasty party hack, but Schultz is worse. He's a true believer, and for that reason, I take him at his word that he would rig elections to prevail.

What's your take on the fat man? Post a comment.


  1. What an asshole.


  2. It should surprise no one that the Democrats will cheat at every turn in order to get their side elected. Exhibit A is Al Franken being "voted in" by Acorn.

  3. what a fat, ignorant, loud-mouthed idiot, who claims to have turned from conservative to liberal because his mother got sick and he met a nurse who runs a homeless shelter. I have compassion for and volunteer for both causes and I am as conservative as you can get. I think the real reason is opportunity and plain old human GREED.