Monday, April 20, 2009

Has the recession hurt the sex industry -- or not?

"Hey, big spender, geben sir mir eine stimulus package"

Video: Germany's legal prostitutes offering specials as demand goes soft

There was a lot of yukking it up a few months ago when "leaders" of the US porn industry suggested that they deserved a federal bailout. But the amount of money going to paid sex might well be a good indicator of just how hard up consumers feel (at least male consumers). After all, whether to fork over $4,000 for hour with her is the ultimate in discretionary spending, even for high rollers. So what's the story?

Of course, no one is keeping official data. There is a lot of anecdotal evidence, but the picture is a mixed one and may depend on where you are. Germany's legalized prostitution industry is hurting (see the video above) enough to offer customers "specials." No word from Chancellor Angela Merkel on whether this might change her mind about rolling out a bigger, American-style stimulus package.

Meanwhile, Nevada's legal brothels have been hit even harder than their German counterparts, with business off by as much as 45%. And art least a few months ago, Las Vegas call girls were having a tough time too.

On the other hand, the recession seems to have set off a boom in Australia's sex industry:

MELBOURNE'S adult venues have turned the other cheek to the global economic meltdown, with brothels reporting soaring profits and a flood of women turning to strip joints for work.

Daily Planet, billed as Melbourne’s most exclusive brothel, has experienced a big jump in turnover since the economy went into freefall, The Melbourne Leader reports.

While city retailers report falling sales, the brothel’s office administrator Gayle Howard said the number of men willing to pay big bucks for sex rose “quite significantly” last year.

Go figure.

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