Thursday, April 2, 2009

Video: Washington State man holds up a store with his nine-year-old daughter in tow!

"Daddy, why did you tell that man you were going to kill him?"

Robert Webb, 42, held up a convenience store at gunpoint in the middle of the night, taking $200 and threatening to come back and kill the clerk. Pretty ordinary crime -- except this sack of s*#t brought his nine-year-old daughter along to the holdup!

Webb is actually getting some sympathy on account of being out of work and "desperate." Even the store clerk -- himself no stranger to real hardship -- has been a lot kinder than I would be.

He'll get no sympathy from me. Here's a guy who "can't hold a job," drinks too much and assaulted his wife. Now he pulls a stickup with his little girl along, subjecting her to whatever dangers might come to stickup men in the act of committing armed robbery. He threatened to kill the clerk. And later led police on a wild chase. He's still a fugitive.

Details here.

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