Monday, April 6, 2009

As UN cops out on North Korea missile, here's a job for Team America

Report: "The UN Security Council has failed to reach agreement on a reaction to North Korea's missile launch on Sunday. "

Hmmm...So the way to respond to North Korea's provocation is to get the UN Security Council to pass yet another resolution, but China and Russia can't quite get themselves to send Kim Jong-Il a nasty note.

At such a juncture in tough diplomacy, all eyes turn to Team America for salvation! At least in the hilarious scene above, Hans Blix warns Kim that he will send him a send letter.

UPDATE: It looks like Kim didn't get his rocket up.

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  1. Only thing Dear Leader and I agree upon is "UN and Alec Baldwin are worthless!!!"

    Another sign the UN has outlived its mandate

  2. Interesting choice of terms -- "cops out" -- to describe the response of the UNSC.

    For extra credit, compare and contrast the response of the UNSC vs the response of the Binghamton (Colombine, etc) cops.

  3. Perhaps Obama should go over and work his "like to get to know you and kiss your rear" magic on the leader of North Korea!

    Debra J.M. Smith
    Informing Christians