Sunday, April 19, 2009

NATO captures more Somali pirates -- and lets them go again!

Canadian frigate HMCS Winnipeg to Somali pirates: naughty boys

This is getting ridiculous. Within one day of this fiasco involving a Dutch Navy vessel nabbing and releasing a pirate band, a Canadian frigate teamed up with a British warship to track and capture another gang who tried to hijack a Norwegian tanker in the Gulf of Aden. Then, what happened?

The pirates were detained, but allowed to go free after questioning.

There is currently no formal procedure for NATO personnel to follow once they have apprehended pirates, [a NATO spokesperson] noted. Their weapons are confiscated and they are then typically given provisions and released.
Did you catch that part about their being "given provisions?" Wouldn't want these poor puppies to miss a meal, eh?

Out-of-control piracy in one of the world's most important and heavily trafficked sea lanes is no joke. But the pirates are surely having a good laugh at the vaunted power and authority of "the international community."

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  1. Said it before, will say again

    NATO does not have any detainment policy. There is your loophole, "sorry kids, we can't arrest you for pirating, so feel free to swim 350 miles back to the mainland (and by the way we will ditch some chum in the water so the sharks can accompany you)". Utube couple pirates having a pleasant swim, end piracy.

    / evil mode.

    How about some Privateers ? Private warships authorized by a country's government by letters of marque. I wouldn't mind a commission from the Inca government, you know they used to play soccer with the heads of their enemies... Oh we would of course air these matches on pay-per-view to fund the operation :D

    /eviler mode.

    F the F'ing F'ers !!!

    /evilest mode.

  2. Can we at least send Dick Cheney down there to give them a headmaster's office type talk ?