Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Interesting stuff on the Web - 4/7/09

I'll not be blogging much in the next week or so, due to other demands on my time. But here is some interesting stuff on the Web to keep faithful readers occupied at least for a while.

Politico sees the Obama juggernaut slowing down as it hits road bumps in Congress.

The Other McCain says the "GOP brand" isn't all that damaged, despite Obama's win.

The CBO says the top 1% of households earned 18.8% of income and paid 28.3% of all federal taxes (via Instapundit and TaxProf). Could be a road bump in the way of ever-higher budgets.

Some party poopers warn that Obama may need to raise taxes on the non-rich! (via RCP).

An LAPD cop says Binghamton police had a "moral duty" to rescue gunshot victims quickly. "It's what cops do."

UN Security Council finally may be close to a deal on what kind of namby pamby note to send to North Korea's Kim Jong-Il. Even whacked-out filmmakers couldn't make this stuff up.

AP may crack down on Web use of its copy, which got attention from bloggers at Donklephant.

Mickey Kaus has a non-conventional take on how Cuba may respond to a thaw in US relations.

Sen. Inhofe went over the top in accusing Obama and Gates of shorting the troops at war by cutting DoD's weapons of the future. Think Progress is right (er, left?) on this.

The Moderate Voice has a good roundup of comments on Obama's straddling the center.

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